Vacature voor een native Dutch speaking (assistant/associate) professor aan de Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, South Korea

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (deadline Thursday 26 Oct 2017)

NATIVE DUTCH SPEAKING (assistant/associate) professor
of Department of Dutch
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies,
Seoul, South Korea

Email:       TEL: 82 (0)2 2173 2288

1. Position:  NATIVE DUTCH SPEAKING (assistant/ associate) professor
          in Dutch Area Studies

We expect that he/she

  • is a native speaker
  • is able to teach ‘Dutch area studies’subjects (e.g. Dutch International Relations, Dutch Cultural history, Dutch Current Issues etc.)
  • helps with Dutch language practices (speaking & writing)
  • has a PhDdiploma. Or a MA-Diploma with teaching experiences
  • is able to publish (at least) one academic article per year.
  • helps with administrative work and cultural activities for the department etc.

2. Contract Period: March 1, 2018 - February 28, 2019 (The contract may be extended every 1 year)

Teaching Conditions

1) Theory Faculty (teaching theoretical subjects)
In order to be qualified as a member of the Theory Faculty, the faculty member should be either (i) one who has been, by the commencement of employment at the University, a member of a full-time faculty for two years or more at a university or college in the country where the language concerned is spoken, or (ii) one who has a doctoral degree, speaks the standard variety of the language, and is deemed qualified to teach at the University.

2) Salary
Full Professor : 5,236,000 KRW (Korean Currency)
Associate Professor : 4,668,100 KRW
Assistant Professor : 1) 4,082,100 KRW, 2) 3,498,600 KRW
(*Depending on his or her former educational and teaching experiences either 1) or 2) will apply.)

3) Minimum load of teaching hours
- Language Faculty should teach a minimum of eight hours a week.

4) Airfare Support : One-way airplane ticket from (departure) to Seoul
(economy class for the faculty member and his/her spouse only)

5) Accommodations : Dormitory for foreign faculty members(single/family size)

More details on Teaching Conditions will be announced after the selection procedure.

3. How to apply:
Candidates should send the following documents prior to Thursday 26 October 2017 to Department of Dutch          TEL: 82 (0)2 2173 2288

Required documents
1. Cover Letter (in Dutch)
2. Resume (CV) in English
3. Research/publications list in English
(if applicable)
4. Copy of passport​​​​​​​