Available now: Reynard (the Fox)

written and performed by: Charlie May vocals: Anne Eckmann and Chantal Bleumink(live) music: Charlie May and Chantal BleuminkThe playReynard is a virtuoso oral storytelling performance in which rap, singing and spoken word are combined. In 50 minutes May tells the whole story of Reynard the Fox and in doing so he is accompanied by two singers, live hurdy-gurdy, bodhran and modern beats. The music is a unique vibrant blend of Medieval melodies and contemporary music. The play is an adaptation of the Medieval Dutch beast epic Van den vos Reynaerde (literally: Of Reynard the Fox) by writer Willem. This clever satire is famed in Belgium and the Netherlands, but is much less known in the rest of the world due to the language barrier involved. Charlie May has skilfully translated the text from Middle Dutch to modern English lyrics, staying true to the original story. With his English adaptation of the Middle Dutch text Charlie May hopes to introduce the wonderful satire Reynard the Fox to the English speaking world. At the same time this retelling may be a wonderful way for foreign students of Dutch (literature), who have not yet mastered the Dutch language, to get a feel of the Middle Dutch masterpiece. \'..May\'s translation is a joy to listen to and judging by their reaction, the rest of the audience agrees...I would definitely like to see this play again.\' - Doctor Marjolein Cremer (University of Amsterdam).Watch an impression of the show on YouTube. For more information about Reynard and Charlie May please visit www.charliemay.nl. For booking inquiries please reply to this email or call 0031627085022